Why IES?

Why Choose IES Test Prep?

The quality of our teaching staff and course material sets IES apart from other test prep centers. All of our instructors are highly qualified and all teach the IES curriculum and techniques. They all have, at minimum, a 4-year college degree (many of them more) and strong backgrounds in their fields. IES is known for our amazing teachers who have the qualifications and personalities necessary to engage students of all levels.All classes have live instructors. Our SAT Verbal & Math Summer camps have one verbal and one math teacher per class. Our SAT Essay classes have one verbal instructor per class.Class sizes usually range anywhere from 10-25 in the summer. Since we group students into different level classes based on their diagnostic SAT scores, the score range is narrow within each class.Our materials are top quality as well. Written and edited by the IES Test Prep owners and teaching faculty, each practice section has been student tested for accuracy against official college board material.