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Student getting ready for SAT at IESIES Test Prep (formerly IES2400) has been providing top-quality SAT prep to students in NJ and NY since 2003; many of our students perform well enough on the SAT to gain acceptance into Ivy League universities, some with perfect scores. 

Our approach to the SAT is a combination of technique and practice. Technique is taught during a 4-hour lesson (usually 9am-1pm), and practice follows by way of a 3-hour workshop (usually 2-5pm). Experienced teachers convey specific steps to be used on each part of the test - reading, writing, math. 

IES Test Prep has been preparing for the SAT change-over ever since the College Board announced it in mid-2014. With the help of a teacher-led team of full-time writers and editors, we have amassed ample practice tests and coursework. We strive to replicate the exact difficulty and nature of the real SAT so much so that our student scores vary by no more than ten points when their real scores are compared to their practice scores.


SAT Preparation at IES Test Prep

Standardized tests require a standard and precise curriculum. All IES SAT prep classes are run following the same curriculum. The SAT is a difficult and tricky test for which no adequate preparation currently exists in high schools. It is a specialized test that requires a specialized approach in which school teachers are not trained.

Every individual has different scheduling needs. As such, IES offers a wide array of courses that meet either once a week, twice a week or, as in summer, 4 times a week. Regardless of the schedule, each course teaches you how to spot and use the clues provided in the SAT test to maximize your accuracy, speed, and confidence.

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Programs & Workshops


Essay Course

Although the new SAT Essay is optional, it is absolutely necessary and an excellent way to showcase your writing abilities if you plan to apply to a top school. In the Essay Course, you will be taught to identify and analyze rhetorical techniques, and learn how skilled writers employ these strategies to effectively convey their message to their readers. With this arsenal of information, you will learn to craft your own analytical essay, citing evidence to strengthen your argument and using varied yet concise diction to give your essay a unique voice. With IES, you will see yourself transform from a merely competent writer to an extraordinary one!  


Bridge Program

Students who have completed a full SAT course are eligible to register for the IES  Bridge, a private lesson package that includes weekly practice tests and workshops. The purpose of this program is to provide follow-up, individualized prep during the time period between the end of an SAT course and the official test date - the "bridge". You may select the number of weeks you wish to include in your bridge, as well as your preferred area of focus (English, Math or both).


Math Course

The SAT math section covers 50 topics - organized into 4 categories (Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Math, and Additional Topics in Math) - that the College Board deems necessary for both collegiate success and post-graduate workplace readiness.  The IES mathematics curriculum is based on 50 skills that address each of these topics, and an additional set of general test taking skills that can help in a variety of situations. Our course also includes intensive practice sessions, using a structured answering approach to combat careless misread and miscalculation errors, which provide the motivation and confidence students need to “control” the test.


Evidence-Based Reading Course

Evidence-based reading, a feature of the New SAT, tests your global comprehension of a passage as well as your attention to particular details. You may be asked, for instance, how a particular paragraph functions in the overall context of a passage, the meaning of a word, or the stance of the author. These New SAT reading questions are more nuanced than were their predecessors. Fortunately, we have discovered that this new type of passage is technique-friendly: you can learn a step-by-step method to unravel the complexity of the passage and answer each question with confidence and speed. At IES, we teach such steps through a series of class lectures, and intensive workshop practice. 


Grammar Course

“Who” or “whom”? Comma or semicolon? Indicative or subjunctive? These are only a few of the questions you’ll face while navigating the murky, confusing, and sometimes downright tedious obstacle course we call SAT Grammar (Writing). Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work already and condensed hundreds of years of complex terminology and obscure Latin-based rules into 18 straightforward, easy-to-remember guidelines. The IES Grammar course will show you how predictable and simple the writing section of the SAT can be.

Scores & Reviews

Dear Arianna and Kristi,Hi! This is Karen Chi. I just wanted to let you know my score from the March SAT. I got a 2400!!  I was so thrilled when I first saw the score this morning. Thank you so much for everything! I could never have done this without you.Sincerely, Karen

Karen Chi

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Hi Arianna!! This is Tiffany Li from this year's summer prep course. I was in the morning session in August. In case you forgot who I am..... I go to a boarding school in CT, and I sat next to Gabe in class (dream team duo!).Anyways, I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me improve my SAT test score. I got a 2...

Tiffany Li

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Why Prep in the summer?

The IES Summer Camp offers many advantages. The most obvious one is the opportunity to improve your SAT score during a time when you are not tied up with school work. We offer a unique and exciting SAT prep summer camp. Classes are four days a week, Tuesday thru Friday, for five weeks. Morning sessions are from 9am to 1pm. Evening sessions are from 6pm to 10pm. We cover techniques in SAT Reading, Writing, and Math. You will be ready for the October SAT and ahead of all your school friends who will not be thinking about getting ready for the SAT's until they are well into their junior year.