SAT Prep Summer Camps at IES

Students in SAT pre summer camp at Integrated Educational Services

School is ending- learning should not! Have you made summer plans for your kids?

Do you want to make sure they get ahead academically? Do you want your children to learn how to love reading?

Nowadays, with all the budgetary cut-backs in the education system, it is more important than ever to continue to enhance your child’s lessons with supplemental and tutorial help. Do not wait until you see the first signs of weakness. Do not wait until you find out your school cut out the extra help programs.  The answer is simple - enroll your kids in a Summer Enrichment Program now!  The choice may be a bit more difficult - Where do I send my kids? I see hundreds of ads everywhere.

IES - the pioneers and creators of the famous SAT summer boot camp - has the solution for you. Bring your kids to us! They will learn and they will understand why they are learning. We help them to become motivated from an early age.

George X , an IES student, says, “If you have not heard of IES it is only because someone is trying to keep their great secret. Their student list reads like a WHO’s WHO in High school”

Former student Tiffany Wang states, “When you walk into the school the first thing you see is this huge “Wall of Fame”- students’ names, their scores and how they achieved them. They have thank you letters to read and a list of references so you can call and speak with a former or current student2010sumcamp2 right there. This is all so motivating for us students. It’s not just fancy Ads and flyers- IES has the facts that prove their success!”

Owner Khalid explains, “We have the highest number of 2400 top scoring students on the SAT and 600+ increases in the whole of NJ and NY.  We have a unique patented technique, a small family atmosphere, and highly trained teachers”.

Students in SAT prep summer camp at Integrated Educational ServicesIES works with students from A to Z. They run courses for every age group and every standardized test that exists- They have foundation courses to build basic skills and they have technique- based courses that prepare the student for specific tests such as: SAT, PSAT, NJ-ASK, GRE, GMAT, LSAT , AP,  SAT II BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, MATH 2C…


IES also helps with college applications:

“We have helped many students receive acceptance letters from Ivy League schools they had never even dreamed of attending. From the minute a student walks into our school – no matter what the age or level- we work with them until they achieve their goals. We do not limit students to 15 weeks and then send them on their way. We are a family here. Most of our students stay on as interns or use our student lounge to study. Most of our students attend extra workshops because they love being at IES", explains Arianna (owner and head English teacher).

“We encourage all of our teachers to get to know the students on a personal level. The way someone learns is inherently tied to who they are. We encourage students to take responsibility for their own education and to find their own voice. We teach them to stop competing with their peers and to start competing with themselves by always achieving a higher score the next time they take a test. This combined with a great curriculum and a unique technique has given us thousands of success stories over the last ten years”.

IES started long before the SAT company craze took place and has lasted long after most have closed. Arianna explains:” We do SAT prep and SAT related prep 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are not part-time tutors who teach school during the day or run other businesses, we are full time test-prep professionals. This fact makes a great difference in our teaching style and our courses. We are dedicated to our students all day and every day.”

IES has an amazing team of career tutors and every course they run has been highly planned and researched in order to bring maximum benefits to the students.  IES is proud to announce- by much demand- that they are now running a SUMMER CAMP for every child in your family.

Khalid explains, “Start Early. The common denominator among all high achieving 2400 test takers is that they started supplemental education early on!”

And for parents who work, we offer ealry drop-off and late pick up. Jackie, one of the IES teachers responsible for the cultural enrichment segment illustrates the importance of literature circles: there are child-centered organized small groups that give the students the opportunity to read fiction or nonfiction in a fun and exciting way. Students will choose books and assume roles such as discussion director, reader, vocabulary enricher, web master, debate coordinator and so on…”  Research has shown that discussion that takes place within literature circles is purposeful and critically minded, empowering students to strengthen their skills and gain an increased sense of responsibility toward their education and group. They will build a connectedness and foundation to books and reading that will serve them for the rest of their educational lives.

If you need more information about our great summer camp please call us at (732) 205 9444 or feel free to stop by our Metuchen, NJ location during open house hours: Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.

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