SAT Preparation at IES Test Prep

SAT Course Description

The IES SAT prep course is well known by families of students all over NJ. It is the course that got thousands of students the scores they needed to get accepted into all the top universities in the U.S. This course is effective because it teaches a technique for each section of the SAT. The SAT is a difficult test because the answer choices have been designed to mislead and confuse you. Our technique gives you control over your thought processes so that you do not fall into the many traps on the test. Our motto is “control the test” and don’t let the test control you.

Another reason for our stellar performance is the quality of our teaching staff. Our teachers are intelligent, well trained and very experienced. Like good coaches they are effective motivators and are devoted to their students' progress. Each IES teacher must undergo a rigorous training program. No matter what their background is they have to learn the IES technique and teach it in accordance with our academic philosophy. All of our classes follow a specific curriculum. If you miss one lesson you can make it up by attending any one of the other classes that are offered in the same week.

One more reason that IES students achieve significantly higher scores than those of any other SAT prep course is all the free practice that we offer by way of workshops. The SAT courses come with free workshops for the duration of the course. Workshops are offered on Saturday and Sunday afternoons during Fall and Spring sessions, and Friday mornings or Saturday afternoons for Summer sessions. They are run by the IES teaching staff. You may choose to attend all of them or focus only on the subjects for which you need the extra practice. Workshops are where you will do repeated sections and hone the technique you learned in the IES SAT course. Answers and explanations are given during the workshop by the attending teacher. This way you never have to wait more than ten minutes to know why you got a question wrong. This concept of “instant feedback” is explained by educational psychologists as the most efficacious teaching method.

With the IES SAT course your score will improve by at least 300 points initially. If you add workshops and one-to-one tutoring to this course your score could go up by over 500 points. Recently, eight IES students achieved perfect scores of 2400 and more than 400 scored above 2350.