Grades 10 and 11 -- SAT Test Preparation Summer Camp

SAT preparation grades 10, 11 and 12Why come to IES for your SAT prep?

We offer a unique and exciting summer camp for SAT preparation. Classes are four days a week, Tuesday thru Friday, for five weeks. You may choose the morning session, 9am to 1pm or the evening session, 6pm to 10pm. The sessions run for four hours - 2 for verbal and 2 for math. We cover all aspects of test taking technique in Reading, Writing, and Math.


Why Prep in the summer?

The IES Summer Camp offers many advantages. The most obvious one is an opportunity to improve your SAT performance during a time when you are not tied up with school work. You can be up and running, fully prepared to take the SAT (and PSAT) as early as October. You will be ahead of all the other students at school who will not be thinking about getting ready for the SAT's until the fall or even the spring of Junior year. It is a good idea to get your SAT Prep done and out of the way early on in the junior year so you can be free to work on your SAT subject tests, AP's and a high GPA.
What can be done after summer and before the test date?

After you have completed your course, IES offers a Bridge Program for students who would like to continue their preparation right up until they take the official SAT test. This program has three components: (i) practice tests, (ii) private tutoring, (iii) workshops. This combination proves to be the best way to keep the technique fresh. It also allows the teacher to catch mistakes a student might be making and correct them before the official test. This process is know as fine tuning and can add a significant amount to the improvement already acquired during summer camp.

You may choose a 3-week, 6-week, 9-week, 12-week, or longer Bridge Program. (for bridge pricing, please contact our administration office.

Who should apply?

Most of our SAT Prep Summer Camp students are 10th graders going on to the 11th grade or 11th graders going on to the 12th grade.  Some will be taking the SAT for the first time in the fall while others will be taking it for the last time before applying to college in October and November of their senior year. We welcome 9th graders going onto 10th and many have joined in the past but depending on their level, we may recommend a different type of class for them, one that addresses foundations more so than technique. All ages are welcome to apply! Call to inquire about Summer Camp dates (732) 205 9444.