A replica of Princeton

I come from an international business family and when I was a student at Princeton I developed close relationships with my favorite professors. On one occasion I hosted the Chairman of the Princeton History Department at my family’s ranch in Kenya. He was doing research in African history and I was proud to introduce him to some key figures in African society whom I knew well. When I graduated in 1988, seven professors attended my private reception party. We held interesting academic conversations about world affairs. Like many of my classmates I entered the world of international finance, received my MBA in 1991 and pursued a career in business. But I always desired to build an academy to re-create the spirit of my Princeton experience. I wanted a place where students could feel close to their teachers, respect them as mentors and not fear them as authorities. I am very proud to say that I have succeeded in creating this academy as a small replica of Princeton in which there exists a camaraderie among students and teachers. I feel proud when I see students and teachers talking in the student lounge or on campus grounds between buildings. IES teachers are involved in every aspect of student development: tutoring, mentoring, guiding. Students stay long hours at IES taking advantage of every service, such as workshops. IES students are very well behaved and academically competitive. Their SAT scores are increasing every year. Over twelve years we had 45 perfect scores of 2400 and 294 scores of 2390. Out of 10,564 students who came to IES for SAT and college prep, 8,365 were accepted to Ivy League universities as well as to top engineering, science and medical programs.

Founder and CEO,

Khalid Khashoggi