IES History

IES Test Prep (formerly known as IES 2400) began as the tutoring team of Arianna and Khalid who excelled in SAT prep and helped their first student achieve a perfect score in December of 2001. Through word of mouth, news of this power tutoring team spread throughout Central Jersey and soon the IES founders were booked from 3pm to 9pm every day of the week and from 9am to 8pm every weekend. As student scores increased, so did demand for their services, and in 2002, Arianna and Khalid began renting classroom space in schools all over NJ to run their SAT courses. Unable to satisfy a growing demand for SAT prep solely through private lessons, the founders decided in March of 2007 to open the first IES Center on Main Street, Metuchen, offering SAT and standarized test prep classes within the private school system. Today, IES's Metuchen location has a staff of 18 fully trained, highly motivated SAT instructors and an enrollment of over 700 students a year.