About Us

A specialized, technique-based SAT preparatory center in Metuchen, NJ.

At Integrated Educational Services (IES) we offer a wide variety of courses to help you prepare for the SAT and other college entrance exams. We are a highly specialized tutoring program with a unique technique-based curriculum.

IES became a leader in the test prep field through word-of-mouth dissemination by thousands of satisfied customers, parents and students alike. We developed our technique through countless hours of one-to-one tutoring in the homes of every student-type in NJ. From the highly advanced to the non-native english speaker, each one of our students provided the basic research material for us to develop what is now a very well honed teaching style. From Saddle River to Allentown, NJ we brought the IES technique to hundreds of NJ homes. 

The Birth of a Winning Technique

Our approach to the SAT is two-fold. We help you from the bottom up by strengthening your foundations in every aspect of the test (reading comprehension skills, vocabulary enhancement, writing skills, etc...) and from the top down with test-taking techniques. Everything we do here is designed to help you get a higher SAT score. We understand that your time is in short supply so we designed a curriculum that will give you the maximum results in the shortest amount of time. We do not overload you with busy homework or waste your time in class doing unnecessary exercises. We believe in quality not quantity. Every teacher, every course packet and every minute you spend here will ensure the highest quality preparation money can buy.

As the founders gained experience they compiled fastidious notes about curriculum content, specific test material, the strengths and weaknesses of various education levels and school systems, and the reasons students were having a hard time with the SAT.  They compiled, through hands-on experience, invaluable information such as “most commonly used words” and step-by-step techniques for each section Verbal and Math and Writing.  Eventually, the IES curriculum and techniques were born.

IES is proud of its curriculum, which was designed by listening to students, studying the test, and changing with the times. In 2004, the College Board announced it was going to eliminate Analogies and introduce a Grammar and Persuasive Essay. IES was the first center to preempt the change by offering a course for the New SAT nine months before these changes went into effect.

Fundamentals are introduced to strengthen the student’s ability to grasp any specific technique. IES focuses on prefix/suffix/root awareness and mnemonic devices to help students use recall and recognition rather than rote memory (a technique encouraged by other programs, which has proven to be futile for long-term test preparation). In math, new formulas, not available anywhere else, are given to facilitate a quick and correct response. Then the technique shifts its attention toward building exact steps to master the SAT by seeing rather than analyzing, by an educated process of elimination rather than mere guessing. IES teaches its students to understand how the test is designed so that they can "control" the outcome of their answers.  Standardized test-taking is different from the way school tests are designed and once the students are taught this difference along with a different way to take the SAT test, their performance increases greatly. Furthermore, IES insists that great emphasis should be on TLC.  This refers to a knowledgeable teacher teaching directly to a specific student and building confidence.  The founders of IES helped their students gain self-confidence and, with that, the highest scores. They understood that a confident student is able to grasp new information at a faster pace.

The course list has been expanded to offer a wider range of test prep courses for all grade levels and all subjects. We now have a science department with three certified teachers in (AP and SAT) Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We offer NJ-ASK prep for grades 3 - 8. We offer GRE, GMAT, MCAT and LSAT for graduate students.

Over the years, Khalid and Arianna compiled notes about curriculum content, specific test material, strengths and weaknesses of different student types and why they were having a hard time with the test. This hands-on experience provided IES with information vital to the creation of step-by-step techniques in SAT prep.